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Whether you’ve come here for a new job or a new life as a retiree, we think you’ll find everything you need in our vibrant city.  There are many things to do in a community that is located in the western part of Montana with a river that runs throught it and bordered by wilderness areas.  It is a beauiful community to work, learn, play and raise a family.

The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce has supported local business for over 100 years. The Chamber has weathered many different economical climates and historical events alongside the locals. Through it all, the Missoula Chamber has always found innovative ways to support local business and continues to do so today.

In the past year the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce has responded to business needs for more educational opportunities that strengthen business. The Chamber now provides current issue forums which unite businesses and citizens to learn about community issues that are impacting commerce and connects them with the resources that can help sustain them. The Chamber continually monitors workforce training needs, government policies and economic development opportunities.  The Chamber welcomes new businesses to our community but also spends considerable time sustaining those businesses currently here and providing support to help them grow. The historical success of the Missoula Chamber has continually rested on the ability to meet the needs of local businesses and to develop new programs that ensure the economic viability of Missoula.

As the largest membership organization in Missoula, the Missoula Chamber is dedicated to contributing to a healthy and vibrant community.  We are the voice of business and we understand the connection between living, working and playing here. I invite you to stop by our office so we can provide you with travel or relocation information, or visit us on the web at www.missoulachamber.com.

Welcome from the Mayor

Welcome to Missoula. Whether you’ve come here for a new job or a new life as a retiree, we think you’ll find everything you need in our vibrant city.

Missoula is my hometown, and even if it weren’t, I’d have claimed it as such long ago. Many of Missoula’s citizens feel the same way: Missoula is the city we’ve elected to call home because it is a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise families. We live in a city where strangers still say hello to one another as they pass each other on a sidewalk. We still do that here, and we’re proud of the feeling it gives to our city. Read more..

Welcome from the Chief of Police

The Missoula Police Department is committed to helping maintain a high quality of life and sense of personal safety for everyone who lives in or visits our community. That commitment is the core concept of our Vision and the aspiration of partnerships within the community, guiding our delivery of professional law enforcement services. Read more...

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